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Taking on the fields with Emma

So today I had a session with my adorable little sister-in-law. I think hard all the time about where good fields and places are to go for pictures, when the best place was right at home. The place we shot at is actually my husbands grandmothers land and we previously lived there, it's changed a bit since then though. She used to have a horse, and a lot more fencing, it was no problem though because we still had plenty to work with!

Emma might be a little younger than me but she sure was fun to hang around today while taking pictures, plus just look how cute she is!

I had actually taken a friend here just the other day to do pictures, come to find out they had plowed the whole field! I was crushed, but we had many other places to go.

I'm looking forward to my next adventure!

xo, Molly B.

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